Our greatest asset and our differentiator – our people.

Our Greatest Asset, Our Biggest Differentiator

Our team members are our greatest asset. Our team members and their passion and dedication are what sets Asbury apart. We realize that there are many options for purchasing a car and a variety of places where you can get your vehicle serviced, but our people are what keep guests coming back. At Asbury, we believe that in order to create exceptional guest experiences, you must first have engaged employees who are empowered and motivated to deliver best-in-class service. This is why Asbury provides industry-leading benefits and programs that allow team members to develop and grow their careers with Asbury.

Starting Off Strong

We always want to make sure that everyone who chooses to start a career with us has a strong understanding of our industry and business. We provide paid training. We also offer both on-site and virtual resources to ensure a timely and effective onboarding to the company.

Taking Care of Our Team Members

At Asbury, we look to provide our team members with the means for success through numerous programs and industry-leading benefits to give a strong sense of security and well-being. Some of our programs and industry-leading benefits include:

Asbury also leads the industry by offering equity awards to frontline employees because we want them to be owners of Asbury and committed to our long-term success.

The health and safety of our team members and guests is of the utmost importance. In 2020, as the Covid-19 global pandemic impacted our dealerships and business, Asbury implemented the following actions:

Developing Talent and Careers

At Asbury, we have made significant investments into developing our team members and preparing them for the greater opportunities within our organization. We help our team members not only master the skills for their current roles and responsibilities, but offer training and advancement for the next step in their careers. Asbury’s talent development programs include:

Asbury also partners with local colleges and trade schools to develop apprenticeship and internship programs. This allows us to help provide valuable training to entry-level candidates while also growing our talent pipeline. Our goal is to promote employees from within to career growth opportunities whenever possible. In support of this goal, we invest resources to train and develop our employees to reach their career goals. For example, our employees have access to an online career path tool, which helps them plan their desired career path and see the required performance goals and milestones to be considered for a promotion. Our fixed operations organization encourages technicians to obtain and maintain certification status with our vehicle manufacturers, and, in most cases, our dealership pays for the training. Our employees also attend vehicle manufacturer-sponsored and industry training events.

We pride ourselves on rewarding and developing talented and tenured employees. We also expect to make significant additional investments into building a training continuum for team members in every store position and preparing them for greater opportunities within our organization.

Celebrating Our Differences

We strive to recruit new employees based on their diversity of thought, background and experience, as well as diversity of personal characteristics, to best reflect our guests and communities we serve.

With the help and guidance of an outside consulting firm, we developed a diversity and inclusion ("D&I") initiative and launched a company-wide effort in November 2020 to identify our strengths and areas of opportunity related to our D&I initiative. The goal of our D&I initiative is to create more welcoming and inclusive workplaces throughout our dealerships and offices. Based on the results of this effort, each store and support location is expected to develop action plans to drive improvements in both employee behaviors and corporate systems that support our D&I initiative.

Asbury is an Equal Opportunity Employer (“EEO”) that does not discriminate against anyone based on their race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, national origin, past or present military service, sexual orientation, marital status, or any other status.

Asbury also maintains an open-door policy for team member complaints, takes any allegations of discrimination or harassment seriously, and has a dedicated anonymous hotline where team members can file such complaints. We have a strong commitment to provide and maintain a respectful workplace where every individual is treated fairly and with dignity.