Reducing Waste, Operating Sustainably, and Minimizing Impact

Minimizing Our Impact on the Environment

At Asbury Automotive Group, we are working to minimize our impact on the environment and finding ways to conserve energy and the natural resources we consume. Our transition to more eco-friendly facilities and work practices has been an ongoing process with substantial results in a short time.

Product Recycling and Waste Reduction

Our stores and dealerships recycle and reuse materials wherever possible to avoid unnecessary waste. In 2020, our goal of reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible resulted in:

Water Conservation

Water is a vital resource, and Asbury strives to reuse as much water as possible. Through conscientious conservation efforts, we have:

Energy Conservation

We understand the effort and energy it takes to operate our business, and Asbury takes a number of measures to ensure we are conserving energy whenever possible. As a company, we have made the following significant energy-saving upgrades: